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Sprite battle has promise

Sir you can't do a video like this and not know who shadow is from FFIV(FFIII)

I'd honestly ditch the subtitle or atleast the white box makes it look hastily done, think out your design and maybe get rid of the need to press space bar got more anoying than useful

Good sprite battle though, maybe have a bit more 'impact' camera shake or sprite response from being hit.

Greedow responds:

from FF...(wish I played more of them...)...anyway...
like I said in the description I was just beginning on using flash, meaning my skills to make something look good were really low...
Gonna try doing something about the camera and dialogs in the next one...

ah the 80s...

ya but I usually used a folded piece of printer paper... you remember when it used to have perforated edges on it... oh but yes... once I did use a shoe...

Had to wait

for the last 3 seconds to see jerry...

We all knew it was coming.
on the video though nice to change its pacing from the comedic repetitiveness. and what a little dick...

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lol, fool what are you doing submiting on pico day?

willcheng responds:

Thanks for the 9!


Haha very adictive got to 300 only though....

Great job

Good work this is very adicting 2nd player is anoying and disorintating for 1st player but good work

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So great I used it :3

Hey great track lemme know when you update it so I can update the animation :D

Eternalreich responds:

This is crap wait until you here the new one.

Nice job

Liked it so much I used it in my animation

CMAJason responds:

wow im really glad you like it, i got up this morning and i only had 11 downloads and my score was knocked down to 3.75 but this has really made things look up.

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love it

always great to see new stuff from you


Why you arn't scouted yet i dont know... but great work and no one would of noticed it if you didn't say so in your comment... honestly still dont see it. Great work!

Mirocka responds:

I got scouted a little while ago and ^^ thanks
well in my eyes it kinda is, sorry

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